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At Yoga Glow After Dark we believe that yoga is not just a physical exercise, but a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Our experienced instructors will guide you through dynamic and immersive classes that combine traditional yoga poses with modern music and lighting effects, creating an energizing and uplifting atmosphere. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, these classes are designed to challenge and inspire you, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Join us at Yoga Glow After Dark and experience the magic of yoga in a whole new light. We are dedicated and passionate on providing a unique and transformative yoga practice for all levels. We are currently fighting to close in on our ideal location. Until then we will refer you to one of our yoga partners or yoga friends that has thier yoga studio up and running ...However, you will experience yoga from a whole new perspective...

Thank you to all that support this unique movement..




Live Stream & In Person Yoga Practice Lights, Cameras, Action!



Unleash your inner glow and find your Zen in a high-energy, after-dark yoga experience like no other.

 Yoga On The Moon 

STARGAZE WITH YOGA GLOW AFTER DARK .. After a long day at the yoga studio, work, dealing with life on life's terms, feel free to venture into your goals and business ideas, as you express those ideas and even launch those ideas right here on the world's very first Business Launch Shuttle.....However, on a clear sky night after we get out of yoga practice lets make it a tradition to stargaze through a unique high powered telescope that can see all the way to space...this way we can study space & the solar system together as a community or even from our electronic devices...

Buckle up your seatbelt  because it is going to be a wild ride! 


Explore a unique blend of relaxation and fun as we strive to build this amazing platform that will eventually bring to you yoga sessions under the stars!



 As I walk with God that is healing me, let me take some time out to reflect on how I  discovered yoga in my life...

I remember this prayer I said to Him one day in my broken spirit as I walked to the transit stop at one of my lowest points in life while fighting a drug addiction..

I prayed.. " God, will you please take my business plans and fit some of my plans into the plans that you have for my life.."

Next thing you know I'm in a yoga class doing yoga!

I start having these strange visions. I never even heard of yoga. I most definitely never thought that I would be in a yoga class learning the practice. For a guy that was raised in the streets that was unheard of and unacceptable. However,  I was willing to try anything to stay sober so I stepped in on faith at Ms.Stephanie's yoga class. This unique Yoga Master welcomed me in like something out of a movie...

By acknowledging God in the situation, followed by a sincere invitation it felt like the right thing to do.

I thought to myself I should at least give it a try because I wasn't really doing anything else concerning exercise. Yoga really helped me a lot with my fight in my recovery and now I am on a mission pushing the envelope forward to one day open up a new unique yoga studio alongside the people that taught me yoga.

Some of those people was fighting in their recovery as well in this staying healthy through yoga movement. I thought about everything that I was going through, with the oppurtunity that presented itself, and the unique people that I was surrounded by at the time so I decided to name this particular movement and business venture

"Yoga Glow After Dark"

with the mindfulness of  the people I was doing yoga with...

Though I know this is a tall order to fill I am up for the challenge! I am determined to find a way to help them because they helped me in my recovery in so many ways, like meditation which allowed me to stay humble and self discipline.  Accepted me for me and never placing judgement like most people do at a time in my life that I really felt all alone after losing my identity in the madness. Not to mention they are very passionate about yoga and some of the most genuine people I have ever met in my life, my new found friends..

Thank you Ms. Stephanie for introducing  and teaching me yoga... You are awesome and never forget that! Such an amazing person that I was fortunate enough to meet on my journey...

If I have anything to do with it and if God be willing, not only will we be doing yoga, we will one day be doing yoga in a new state of the art facilty with all the bells & whistles just like we envisioned!

Prayer Changes Things